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Opportunities and hurdles for Financial Technology start ups. October 7, 2019.

Potential opportunities for financial technology companies are several hundred billion dollars, from bill collection and payments to student and business loans, automated wealth management and financial services. Several start ups are tackling these opportunities. Yet they face major hurdles, from the high cost of meeting complex regulations to long entrenched finance companies fiercely protecting their markets and profit margins.    

Solutions: focus on niche markets? provide unique products partnering with big incumbent companies? pursue major markets in stealth mode, bypassing big, well funded competitors?

These issues will be discussed by a Silley Circuits panel including David Teten, venture partner at HOF Capital & Greg Farrington President, Constellation Advisers.

Date: Monday October 7, 2019. 6 pm to 8 pm.

Location: Sullivan LLP, 1633 Broadway at 50th street.

Changing and Restarting Careers. December 2, 2019.

Do you change careers due to a mid-life crisis or a new focus and renewed energy? Do you restart careers because you are bored at home or you are eager for new challenges?

These issues will be discussed by a Silley Circuits panel: Annette Herfkens former Wall Street banker and Pamela Lubell, a film producer.

Annette left Wall Street after being one of the biggest revenue generating bankers at Banco Santander. “A Turbulence: A True Story of Survival,” a book she wrote after surviving a plane crash, became a best seller. Having raised a daughter and a son, she is back working on getting the book made into a film.

In 2016, Pamela Lubell produced Danny Says, a critically acclaimed documentary about Danny Fields, a Harvard Law drop-out, who managed the Ramones and worked with The Doors and Judy Collins. Earlier Pamela worked for Miramax films for a decade, including as head of the art department. Her poster for Pulp Fiction won a Cannes design award. She raised two daughters, mostly as a single mom, and is producing several films.

Date: Monday December 2, 2019. 6 pm to 8 pm.

Location: Betaworks Studio


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